William Donnelly

William Donnelly, RPh, serves as Vice President of Pharmacy Operations for Total Care RX, an independently owned, specialty pharmacy that approaches healthcare from a progessive angle. Licensed to practice pharmacy since 1995 and dedicated to hospital and community practice for more than 15 years, William is deeply dynamic and forward thinking, leading Total Care to personalized service combined with the resources typically found in a nationwide chain.

The drive for personalized service stems from William’s method for working with critical care patients, including HIV and AIDS patients, that began in the late 1990s and early 2000s. These subjects, often living in economically challenged areas, required hands-on care that included home visits to ensure they were taking their prescription medications. Meanwhile, William also took it upon himself to establish whether or not they kept their doctor appointments and if they were living in a safe, healthy environment. This highly rewarding time in his life has influenced William to this day, forever solidifying his dedication to the real people and patients tied to each prescription.

And it’s with this mindset that William has helped to guide Total Care RX. In recent years, William is most proud of the pharmacy’s allegiance with the Department of Health’s AIDS Advisory Council, which saw the pharmacy work to achieve a certified peer advocacy program for HIV clients. William also notes that during his tenure with Total Care, the pharmacy received two accreditations—URAC and ACHC, both of which are extremely difficult to achieve in the pharmaceutical space.